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Some interesting facts from all over the globe.

Lake Vostok: At the end of the 20th century, scientists using satellite images, discovered one of the biggest lakes of our planet, situated close to the South Pole under 4 kms of ice. Some 4 kms above the lake, at the surface is the Russian base of the same name where, in 1983 the coldest temperature even on earth was measured: -89 C. Further scientists reckon that this lake contains unique microbiological life forms. Until now no solution has been found to obtain water samples without contaminating the lake.

There are 44 landlocked countries in the world. There are 2 countries in the world that are landlocked and of which every bordering country is landlocked too. Leichtenstein- borders Switzerland and Austria. And Uzbekistan- borders Turkmenistan, Kyrgzstan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan.

The capital of Kazakhstan used to be Alma Ata. In 1996 the name was changed to Almaty and in the following year it was decided to move the capital to a small town in the center of the country- Akmola. This move made President Nursultan Nazarbayev a laughing stock of the country, because the name Akmola resembles in the local language the word for ‘buttocks’. So finally in 1998 the president decided to change the name of the town to Astana.

Campione d’Italia: This little part of Italy at the lake of Lugano is completely surrounded by Switzerland and is one of the most unique and least known tax paradise of Europe. It has an area of 4 sq km and a population of about 4000. This place has no state or income taxes and with maximum financial privacy.

Diomede Islands: It is possible to stand on the American soil and see Russia with the naked eye. The place where 2 countries are closest to each other. The 2 islands are 4 kms apart and between them is the ‘international date line’. The consequence is that the smaller, American island was one of the last places on Earth to say goodbye to the 20th century. Russian island is not inhabited but the American one, hosts about 200 people.

Lake Assal, Dijbouti: is almost entirely situated in the Afar-Triangle, which is an extremely arid and warm part of the great Rift Valley. A large part of the country is below sea level. The surface of the lake is only 20 kms from sea, 160 meters below sea level and is the lowest point in Africa. Because the water of the lake evaporates very fast, it is 10 times saltier than sea, 3 times saltier than Dead Sea and is the saltiest lake on Earth.

Isle of Arran: The inhabitants of this island in the South West of Scotland call it ‘Scotland in a nutshell’. And they are right. When you visit this island, you get a taste of all there is in Scotland. The North resembles the Highlands, whereas the South has a much more temperate climate. It contains 14 village and about 4700 inhabitants. The biggest village is Lamlash, the highest point is called Goat Fell.

We all know that the Mt Everest is the highest peak in the world. But mankind has only known that since 1852. Until then it was generally accepted that Chimborazo peak, Ecuador in the Andes Mountains was the highest in the world. With an altitude of 6267 M, it is not even in the Top 50. But the presumption was not that foolish, because the summit of the mountain is situated very close to the Equator and it is actually the point on Earth which is furthest from the Earth’s center.

Great Blue Hole: A major diving site off the coast of Belize. It is a near perfect circular sinkhole in the Lighthouse Reef in the Caribbean. Created by glaciers during the ice age, this UNESCO world heritage site is home to several unique plants and animals due to its odd ecosystem. The underwater is very dark and contains numerous limestone formations. Its significance was heightened by the explorations of Jacques Cousteau in the 1970s.

Gardens of Alnwick, UK: A home of hundreds of deadly plants. Created in the mid 1990s, by Duchess Jane Percy. The gardens are extensive, and only a small portion is devoted to the poisonous plants she’s collected from around the world. That being said, it is the deadliest garden in the world, over one hundred poisonous plants, some of which can kill on touch and are caged for this reason.



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